Airbnb and VRBO Vacation Rental Cleaning

Wise Choice Cleaning Company has made a conscious effort to expand into the vacation rental cleaning business. Call us to schedule regular cleanings of your Airbnb or VRBO vacation rental home. We come in and handle everything you can imagine and get your home ready for the next guest.

We take all of the worry out of getting your home ready for the next guest and turn this process into an automated one. You will not even have to show up to the residency in-between your guests’ stays.

Wise Choice Cleaning Company Airbnb and VRBO vacation rental cleaning service is an all-inclusive service that will leave your house spotless and ready for your next visitor, ensuring that five star review!

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Benefits of Using Wise Choice Cleaning Company

Trustworthy and Experienced

We monitor all of our crews when they are at your home and we have over 20+ years experience in the cleaning industry.

English Speaking Cleaners

All of our cleaners are native English speakers to ensure that the communication is smooth and direct.

Customized Cleaning

Customize your cleaning in any which way you want. We can provide everything from clean floors to clean linens.


We have services available for any size home or budget. Contact us to see what might work for you.

Wise Choice Cleaning Company will make sure that everything is in order and the way you want it after every single guest visit. Our goal is to make sure that each guest is presented with an immaculate rental to ensure that you receive the highest of praise for your listing.

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The Wise Choice Cleaning service was certainly a wise choice for me. I run two AirBNB units in the Temecula Wine Country and was very particular about finding a company that not only does an amazing job, but that can respond to the rental load as well as last-minute bookings.  The Wise Choice certainly performs both of these and will continue to keep them as our cleaning crew. They do a great job!

David Ortiz, Owner
Barn Owl & Horned Owl

I use Wise Choice for all my AirBnb and wedding venue cleaning.  I have 6 properties and the variability of cleaning needs is extensive.  Every day I may have changes to my schedule and the team is always responsive to the changes.  They also offer more than just cleaning – they are my eyes and ears for my properties.  They see and hear more than I ever could and help me actually manage better.  I have had multiple cleaning companies, but Wise Choice is the first I would consider a true partner to my business.

Dave Lester, Owner
Temecula Creek Cottages

I cannot thank this company enough. They are the best cleaning company I have ever worked with and I have been through a few. It takes a lot for me to trust someone, especially when it comes to entering our home, and Debbie and team have earned my trust. You’d be foolish to go without someone that is not willing to put their face on the brand.

Rachel S.
Menifee, CA


Airbnb VRBO Vacation Rental Cleaning Services


Wise Choice Cleaning Company has built a strong presence within the vacation rental home cleaning industry. It is our goal to leave your rental spotless for incoming guests and visitors. We understand how important it is for you to receive great ratings from your customers and that is why we leave no pillow unturned when it comes to your cleaning. Whatever it is you need, whether it is new linens on all of the beds or thorough appliance cleaning, we will handle it and make sure that you have the peace of mind that your home will look amazing and ready for the next guest.

Our attention to detail is unparalleled and we take pride in making sure that your home is cleaned the same way we would clean our own. We are family owned and operated and we are more diligent and thorough than the other quick turnaround cleaning shops. Contact us today for more information because we would love to chat with you and tell you more about ourselves as well.

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