Wise Choice Reviews

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In 2002 I found myself running short of time to prepare for out-of- town guests and hired The Wise Choice Cleaning Company to help me out. When they cleaned areas better than I did myself, I knew I somehow needed them on a regular basis. They are dependable, trustworthy, hardworking, caring people that you can invite into your home to clean. To this day I am still a happy, satisfied customer.

Wise Choice Cleaning Company Reviews

Cathy P.
Temecula, CA

After hiring several house cleaners over the years, I was referred to Debbie Wise by a friend. I have been very pleased with her crew and the quality of their work since 2008. I highly recommend Wise Choice Cleaning Company and their highly qualified and trustworthy crew of amazing workers.

Wise Choice Cleaning Company Reviews

Honey T.
Mission Viejo, CA

I have used The Wise Choice Cleaning Company for the last 10 years. The owner, Debbie Wise, has always taken pride in her company and has a strong work ethic. Her crew is always on time, and they are very thorough and trustworthy. The owner also rotates homes so she always makes it to my house every couple of months to insure her team is meeting her high standards. They always come the day and time they are scheduled, but if there has to be a change, I am notified well ahead of time. I would highly recommend The Wise Choice Cleaning Company.

Wise Choice Cleaning Company Reviews

Cherina J.
Murrieta, CA

I cannot thank this company enough. They are the best cleaning company I have ever worked with and I have been through a few. It takes a lot for me to trust someone, especially when it comes to entering our home, and Debbie and team have earned my trust. You’d be foolish to go without someone that is not willing to put their face on the brand.

Wise Choice Cleaning Company Reviews

Rachel S.
Palm Springs, CA

Debbie and the Wise Choice Cleaning Company were lifesavers. I was constantly rotating between inefficient and undependable cleaners for our rental home in Orange County. Debbie came in and was professional, thorough, prompt, and easy to work with. She makes managing my property so much easier and gives me the sense of relief that everything is going to be in order!

Wise Choice Cleaning Company Reviews

Cathy M.
Newport Beach, CA

Debbie and the Wise Choice Cleaning Company are the best in the business. They show up on time, clean extremely thoroughly, are affordable, and just overall great people. Good luck finding a better cleaner as reliable and efficient as Wise Choice in Orange County.

Wise Choice Cleaning Company Reviews

Robb F.
Costa Mesa, CA

Great, dependable service, whose attention to detail is consistent. Our home is well cared for and Debbie and her team have been a blessing to our family over the years.

Wise Choice Cleaning Company Reviews

Howard F.
Temecula, CA

I have a finally found a trustworthy, honest, safe, and thorough house cleaner. I trust Debbie and her crew and always look forward to coming home to an immaculate home after they are done cleaning.

Wise Choice Cleaning Company Reviews

Deborah S.
Menifee, CA