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When hiring a house cleaning service there are a couple things you want to know right off the bat and one of them is probably how are they going to clean my home?
Lucky for you reading this, we have created a checklist of how we go about cleaning our customers houses.

What To Expect

A Crew of 3 People
We believe that having a team of 3 makes each home run more efficiently and smoothly. Each person has a designated area of the house, which makes for our version of an assembly line.
Assembly Line
This may seem odd for some, but to us it makes a world of difference. We have created this process throughout the years of growing and found that it is the perfect solution to any customers home. One crew member will be doing all bathrooms, another will be on floor duty (vacuuming & mopping) and the third person will be responsible for wiping of all furniture and cleaning the kitchen. The timing of all 3 individuals is about equal, however if one person finishes earlier, they will catch laundry rooms, baseboards & light switches.
We Bring Our Own Supplies*
If you noticed, there is an asteric next to supplies, this is because we come prepared with our own buckets. However, we ask that you provide cleaners, vacuums & mops because every customer likes something different. With that said, if you don’t have everything, we do have backup supplies in our car, so no need to sweat! Our buckets are filled with small supplies such as toilet brushes, sponges and other small accessories that are useful to have on hand at all times.

Items guaranteed to be cleaned every time

Kitchens :
– sanitize and wipe all countertops
– wipe off all accessories on countertops
– wipe inside and outside of microwave
– clean stove top, grates, knobs and ventahood
– wipe outside and inside of handles on refrigerators
– wipe outside of dishwasher
– sanitize sink
– empty trash cans
– vacuum and mop floor

Bathrooms :
– sanitize inside and outside of toilet
– clean inside and outside of shower, bathtubs and all bottles
– wipe all countertops and accessories
– clean soap dishes
– clean inside of sinks
– wipe off mirrors
– dust light bulbs
– empty trash cans
– fold towels
– wipe cabinets and baseboards
– vacuum and mop master bathroom floor
– hand wipe secondary bathroom floors

Floors :
– vacuum all hard surfaces
– vacuum all carpets
– mop all hard surfaces

Dusting :
– wipe all furniture [top to bottom] – lift and wipe under all accessories, including the accessory itself

Extras :
– clean laundry rooms [wipe appliances, countertops and sink] – sanitize light switches

Rotation Items
Rotation items are done on a monthly basis. Meaning that each item is wiped once per month, unless it needs more attention. These include,
– baseboards
– interior doors
– cabinets
– fans
– shutters
– blinds

There you have it! A step by step guide to how Wise Choice Cleaning cleans each and every customers home. We make it easy for our customers because they don’t have to pick and choose which rooms get cleaned when we come. They have the satisfaction of knowing their entire house will be shining bright after we leave.
Make the Wise Choice and schedule your first cleaning today!

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