6 Tips You Should Know Before Your House Cleaning

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Hiring a professional cleaning company to come into your home, is a task in and of itself. Knowing how to prepare for your service is an essential tool in creating a favorable outcome. Here are 6 tips you should know and do before your house cleaner comes:

1. Tidy Up

There is a difference between cleaning and tidying. The job of your cleaning professional is to clean. Your job as a homeowner is to organize your belongings. Make sure your house is picked up enough so that spaces can be properly cleaned. Do not expect your cleaning service to organize papers, laundry, dishes, etc. After all, if you leave the organizing to them, they may put your belongings in places you can’t find later! Therefore, to relieve some of the pressure of your crew, put all important documents and belongings away. This will create an environment that’s easier to clean for your service and ensures your house is thoroughly cleaned.

2. Don’t Leave Us A Full Sink

This goes along with number 1, however, I felt it was so important that it needed its own number. I can’t stress enough how significant this is. Cleaning your dishes and putting them away, allows for a smooth cleaning of your kitchen. Having to stop and put dishes away, takes designated time in your kitchen away from your cleaners. Dirty dishes lying around may result in uncleaned areas! You or your service don’t want a half cleaned kitchen, so help them out by clearing the plates and let them deep clean those and kills those unwanted germs in your kitchen!

3. Products, Products, Products

This is SO important. Before hiring your service, check with them to see if they supply cleaners or if you need to do so. If they want you to supply the cleaners, ask them what they prefer to use and inform them of specifics you’d like used in your home. Having the right products will guarantee a clean and fresh home!

4. Furry Friends

Do you have furry friends? Having a plan of action is crucial when preparing for your crew to come. If your pets are aggressive or anxious, it’s best to keep them away from your cleaners. However, even if your fluffy family members are calm and just want to be pet, they can be a distraction. They are cute, however, they can get in the way of your cleaners and prevent them from doing their job to the best of their ability. After all, who wouldn’t be distracted by a smiling Labrador at their feet?

5. Home Accessibility

Getting into your home is the first important step of the cleaning process. Will you be home during your first clean? Are you leaving a key? Is there a gate code? Door code? Alarms? These are all important aspects for your service to know before coming to your house. The last thing you and your service wants is the cops to come because your alarm is set and your cleaners don’t have the code!! Inform the company of any quirks about getting in so they can arrive prepared.

6. Prepare Your Team

Do you have any special requests? Rooms you don’t want cleaned? A certain product used? Let your team know! Communication is KEY. Just because you may think it’s obvious, don’t assume it’s obvious for them. They deal with multiple customers on a daily basis, therefore, advising them once they get to your home secures that your expectations are fulfilled.

Following these tips will ensure you have a positive first and future experiences with your cleaning service. Let us know if they worked for you and if you have any other tips on preparing for your cleaning company!

Happy cleaning!

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