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Welcome to the Wise Choice Cleaning Company blog! Taylor here, checking in and giving this blog a kickstart! I personally hope you enjoy what’s to come and maybe even learn some new things along the way! I figured the perfect first post would talk about us as a company and how we got started. So let’s jump in!

As we approach almost 20 years in business, I figured now is the perfect time to explain how Wise Choice Cleaning began. We have a very humbled beginning, so let’s get into it.

How Wise Choice Cleaning Started

First off, Debbie, my mom, originally started in 1999 cleaning for a few friends. Why you might ask? Simply for some extra grocery money. I used to go with her before I went to afternoon kindergarten! Crazy huh? It was a one woman show for a while, until word of mouth spread. Which in fact, didn’t take very long. What started with a few friends eventually spread to multiple customers. My mom couldn’t keep up on her own for much longer!

It was then, that she asked Gail to help her. Gail was a family friend of ours for a few years before my mom started cleaning. My brother (who some of you may know already) and her son played baseball together. Thank goodness for that because she is our longest employee, 17 years to be exact!!! Gail truly has been a blessing to our company.

Over the next decade, this power duo continued to grow in the cleaning industry. I even helped during the summers and while I was home schooled in third grade, lol. At this point, Wise Choice Cleaning had not officially been established yet. Crazy right?! Our family always joked around and called it “Debbie Wise & Co”. In 2008, Wise Choice Cleaning Company was officially born and became an established name. A few years later in 2015, we became an incorporated company.

Where We Are Now

Here we are now, 18 years later and completely blown away with the way our business has grown. What started with a couple friends, has increased close to 4000% over almost two decades!! We have been truly blessed over the years and thankful for what we have become. If it wasn’t for our totally awesome customers, we would not be here. So with that, we thank YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

We are indebted to you and will strive to surpass your cleaning expectations!!

Wise Choice Cleaning Family

The Wise Family Clan || Christmas 2017

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